It's back! I know it has been missing, but 'New to Naomi' came back this weekend (and will be back for awhile). This time I headed into Remsen to see what this area of Central New York had to offer.


"Back of the Barn Antiques" in Remsen
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Sunday was such a beautiful day! The perfect day to get out and explore more places in Central New York. I decided to head into Remsen, went and checked out some of the local places, got a great meal, and did some driving through the area.

First stop was "Back of the Barn Antiques." Now that's a pretty cool place. It had everything you could possibly imagine - from antique tools and old books, to collectables and dishes, to old-fashioned toys and clothes.

After "Back of the Barn Antiques" it was time for dinner. What better place to get dinner in Remsen than "The Soda Fountain." It's a 50s style dinner that really does take you back in time. The atmosphere was great, the service was great, and the food was great. Definitely the type of place I would take friends or family to, when they come for a visit in Central New York.

Then it was time for a drive around town. It was a nice, relaxing drive while taking in all the sights, and some of the cool buildings in town.


It was a good weekend in Remsen - from searching for treasures at "Back of the Barn Antiques," to driving around town and just 'taking in' the area. Plus "The Soda Fountain" was really an amazing place. Remsen is quite a nice area.


With all the exploring done this weekend, I'm getting excited for next weekend and where my next "New to Naomi" adventures will take me!




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