Best Buy and Instacart are teaming up this holiday season for same day delivery options. That means in New Hartford and Syracuse you can take advantage of this.

Before this partnership, if you ordered a product from Best Buy, it was delivered from FedEx, UPS, or the USPS. Those services are reliable, and there is nothing wrong with them, but they were also slower unless the customer paid extra. With Instacart, Best Buy can provide faster shipping at lower costs. That means you could order something same day, and have the possibility of having it delivered.

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The Verge reports that Instacart will offer hundreds of Best Buy products for same-day delivery for $3.99 per order. This includes home appliances and home office essentials. It does have a $500 limit though.

That means anything more expensive, like a refridgerator or washing machine for example, is not eligible, though some TVs are included so long as they’re priced under the $500 limit. Items also don’t have to be delivered same day; Instacart will allow you to order items from Best Buy and pick delivery windows further out, including the next day and as far out as five days."

Instacart is also launching a new initiative alongside its Best Buy partnership called certified delivery that involves using your smartphone to accept and sign for a delivery to verify your identity if it’s a “high-value item” like a pricey consumer electronic device.

So take advantage of this, this holiday season.

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