I could have been saving hundreds of dollars all this time - and right in my backyard.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not usually a consignment store shopper, at least not for clothing. I'm always on the look out for vintage dishes or a cool granny-square afghan, but it just never occurred to me to look for clothes. This weekend totally changed my mind: I got three tops from 2 of my favorite stores for $14.00. That's less than I would have paid for one.

I'm sure some of you have known it all along - there are great deals to be found if you're willing to spend a little time sifting through the racks and put aside what you think you know about consignment stores.

Think you want to give it a try? Here are some of the best local consignment and thrift stores.

The Village Basement - 70 Genesee Street, New Hartford

The Walk-In Closet - 8010 State Route 12, Barneveld

Dawn Marie's Treasures - 18 West Park Row, Clinton

The Queen's Closet - 22 Oriskany Blvd, Yorkville

Plato's Closet - 8411 Seneca Tpke, New Hartford

Revolve Consignment Shop - 2051 North Madison St, Rome

Deja Vu Consignment Shop - 101 Mohawk Street, Herkimer

These shops specialize in kid's clothing:

Once Upon a Child - 8411 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford

Ella's Room Children's Consignment - 1033 West  Dominick St, Rome


So how do you make the most of your consignment store shopping trip? Cosmopolitan has some great tips.

  • Call the stores and find out when they put out new clothing.
  • Make a list of what your closet needs, but keep an open mind. You might find something amazing.
  • Pick up anything you like - and then decide whether you really want to take it home - or someone might scoop it up while you're not looking.

Of course, you can always try eBay if you're looking for something really specific, but it's always better to shop local and you get the added bonus of the thrill of the search.

Did we leave any great shops off the list? Let us know. Until then, happy shopping.

Have you made a great thrift shop find? Share it with us using our app. Watch the video below, and it'll show you how.




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