A new article names the best place for donuts in New York, but they forgot about the great places in our area... So we decided to 'help them' out.

It happens all the time, to the point that most of us are used to it - An article comes out naming the best "such and such" in New York, and it's (almost) always some restaurant, park, business, or adventure in New York City or around that area. Once in a while we luck out and it's something in the Adirondacks or in the Buffalo area, but Central New York is hardly ever named in these types of articles.

And that's what happened again.

The article is from Travelocity and it named "The Best Doughnut Shops in All 50 States." Now, we're not knocking this article, we're sure "Dough" in NYC is phenomenal, and we're sure the other donut shops that were named in the article are great, too...

We're just saying there are some out-of-this-world donuts right in our area. Donuts SO good, we know they could compete with a lot of those places in the City.

Just this past summer, Upstate New York wrote an article about the best donuts in our area. They had readers vote for their favorite places, and had a team of judges go out and try different donuts from the nine finalists. Their article included a winner from the judges and a winner from the readers. Those two places were Cider Belly in Albany and Glazed & Confused in Syracuse, respectively. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the chance to try either one of those places, but after reading "Upstate New York's best donut: And the winners are..." from Upstate New York, I'm now craving a donut worse than I ever have in my entire life, and know these donut places HAVE to be amazing. They sound THAT good. Other finalists (aka other unbelievable donut shops in our area) included Dalton's Donuts in Cairo, Schneider's Bakery in Cooperstown, Camerons Bakery in Auburn, and a few others.

One of the top donut places on Upstate New York's list (it took the third spot), happens to be a place my co-worker swears by. She's picky when it comes to her donuts, but when she happened to stop by this place after a radio adventure out-on-location, she came back to the station and was telling EVERYONE how great these donuts were, and how we ALL had to make the trip to Canastota at one point or another and try them for ourselves. They were so good, she didn't even bring any back for the rest of us (and trust me, if you knew her you would know how odd that would be). I'm (and she was) talking about Dunn's Bakery.

It's another donut shop I haven't had the chance to try (YET), but it sounds (and looks) like a pretty darn good place. If you haven't heard of Dunn's Bakery before, or haven't had the chance to try them yet, just stalk our the "Dunn's Bakery Facebook Page," to see all the tasty treats they offer and learn a little bit more about the business.

Again, "Dough" is probably an amazing place and their small-batch donuts are probably amazing, too. But we have some pretty unbelievable donuts right here in Central New York. Maybe it's a good thing our area doesn't make these lists - It's like our little secret. Our delicious, jelly-filled, powdery secret.




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