Where in New York can you find the best food city?


You hear all the time about all the amazing restaurants we have in the Central New York, Mohawk Valley, and Upstate New York regions of New York State. Every where you look, you'll find something amazing and unique.

According to IBIS World, there are over 28,000 restaurants across New York State. That's absolutely amazing and incredible we have that many options and fan favorites.

New York City (8,399 businesses), Long Island (2,794 businesses) and Hudson Valley (1,937 businesses) are the cities with the most number of Restaurants in New York"

Vinepair reports that it would It take 22.7 years to eat at EVERY New York City restaurant. Imagine that number in every other region in the state.

What Is New York State's Best Food City?

There is always all sorts of lists, master lists, food blogs, and of course people opinions of what is the Food City of each state. News and education site “MediaFeed” put their list “The Greatest Food City in Every State” out for 2023. To be very honest, we’re disappointed with who was selected for New York. Why? Because it seems like a lazy choice.

For New York State, they selected New York City:

Foodie Score: 83.2 (44% higher than state average)
Restaurants per 100,000 residents: 108.3
Food and dining price index: 100.0"

With their data it makes sense, but it's always a kick to the rest of us who live in Upstate, or anywhere else in New York State, who don't get selected. Each region has amazing dishes of their own, New York City has pizza?

Do you agree with this choice? Text us your reasoning on our station app.

These Upstate New York Restaurants Are An Absolute Must Try For 2023

315 Menus is a group on Facebook focused on all of our amazing restaurants locally. You can post questions, reviews, photos, and if you're a restaurant you can post menu items, specials, and more. Recently someone posted the following question:

What local restaurant have you never been to that’s on your ”must go to” list for 2023?"

We decided to pick the top answers and present them to you. If there are others that should be on the list, text us on our station app:

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Each year, the Social Security Administration publishes the totals for the first names from all Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the US since 1880. The publication is the most complete record of first name usage in the United States. Because Social Security can take quite a while to compile data on the most popular baby names for each year, Names.org has used data on the actual births in recent years to predict the most popular baby names of 2023.

Here's a look at what they have for the Top 10 boys, or girls names. Granted, you can have gender neutral names too. This is predicting their data:

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