It's still a bit too early to plant the seeds outdoors, but you can certainly be planning your backyard garden for this year.  Here in Central New York, the growing season is shorter than in most other parts of the country.  The experts say we can expect about 18 weeks between the last frost of spring and the first in the fall.

Some popular veggies actually require less weeks from planting to harvest than many others.  According to, green beans and tomatoes can be planted as late as July and ready for picking in early September.

Here are some easy to grow vegetables that you might want to consider if you're planning a backyard garden this year:

Beans:  Plant mid June, harvest early September

Beets:  Plant mid May, harvest early September

Broccoli:   Plant mid May, harvest late September

Carrots:   Plant mid June, harvest early September

Cucumbers:  Plant mid June, harvest mid September

Lettuce:  Plant early May, harvest early September

Peas:  Plant mid May, harvest mid September

Peppers:  Plant by beginning of May, harvest late August

Spinach:  Plant early May, harvest end of September

Tomatoes:  Plant early May, harvest late August

Those dates could change depending on the actual amount of heat and rain we  experience this summer, as well as the soil conditions where you plant your garden.


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