Growing up in Michigan, I always thought it would be cool to have a community garden. I was surprised to find there's a community garden right here in Utica. What an awesome idea, and Utica is already doing it!

Early I was thinking of 10 things Utica needs, and normally I would have thought, 'hey a community garden would be sweet.' Come to find out - Utica already has one!


Lettuce Growing in a Community Garden
(Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

Corn Hill Community Garden is on the corners of Miller and Eagle Streets in Utica. And it's the season for planting - so they're looking for help. The Veteran's Outreach Center is looking for veterans and civilians to help with planting for the community garden. They're doing a whole event on it May 28th at 5pm.

I was surprised I didn't know about the community garden - especially since they developed it more than 20 years ago (I guess I've been living under a rock). According to the American Community Gardening Association,

The garden was developed by a grassroots resident project with active participation of familes farming the land in the heart of the city of Utica. This green project, developed as a result of the tear down of very old housing stock not only provides food, but a learning experience for youth.

The food goes to local soup kitchens, day care centers, and other service providers in the area. It's a pretty cool idea, and I'm so glad Utica is taking part in it!

The Veteran's Outreach Center will also be looking for people to harvest the garden in the fall. You can get more info if you would like to get involved in planting, harvesting, (or just get more details) by calling (315) 797-0586.




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