The Thanksgiving week was a short but rich week of broadcasting for the Lite 98.7 morning show, with stories of a world-class helicopter mom and another appearance from The Woman Who Hates Everything.

Here were Beth & Dave's Top 5 Highlights from the past week:

Beth discovered she had something in common with the Nashville television broadcaster who messed up on screen, then had a tough time pulling out of the tailspin.

Dave surprised Beth with a little ditty to capture the very essence of Thanksgiving (apologies to the award-winning cast of the Broadway hit "Rent").

Another week, another interesting college campus visit, featuring an inimitable diva turn by one member of the tour.

Dave forced Beth to unveil the voices she uses for their two Chocolate Labs, Nikki and Bella.

The Woman Who Hates Everything returned after a long hiatus to entertain the troops with her bitter distaste for yet another aspect of the Lite 98.7 programming.

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