If you're going to be in the Syracuse area, make your way to this pizza shop that has been named the best in the county.

Who doesn't like a good pizza?? We know, dumb question. Everyone loves pizza! Well if you're in the Syracuse area, we know the perfect place you should go.

And if you live in the Syracuse area you HAVE to already know about this pizzeria. According to New York Upstate, it has been named the number one pizza place time and time again, and even won many online voting polls from fans.

So what pizza place are we talking about??

Well, New York Upstate named the top pizzeria in each of New York's 62 counties, and for Onondaga County they named Twin Trees Pizzeria. New York Upstate recommends their chicken wing pizza, but the pizzeria also has chicken parm pizza, regular cheese pizza (and you can pick what toppings you want), Philly cheese steak pizza and even seafood pizza!!

We want to go there and try one of each of their specialty pizzas. Sounds like a pretty fun challenge, doesn't it?

Have you been to Twin Trees Pizzeria before? Do you think they deserve to be named the best pizza place in Onondaga county? Why or why not??

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