On the latest episode of Beth & Dave Try, we try "The Candy Cane Challenge." I think it's important to mention that Dave was originally going to take on this challenge, but then he demurred at the last moment, leaving me to try it on my own. Between the two of us, I love candy canes way more, so fine. Whatever.

Let me first say, unwrapping all those candy canes is a real pain in the tush. The candy cane loss ratio is about 2 broken canes per dozen unbroken ones. That waste seems a little high, but I got to eat the pieces, so...win.

I can't tell you how many I fit in there...you'll have to watch the video BUT, here are some tips if you try this at home:

  • Start with a bunch already in your mouth, otherwise, it just takes too long to get where you're going.
  • You will drool. All over. Have some napkins handy...or a bib.
  • Once you get most of the candy canes in there, start sticking them in the middle - it's a LOT easier than trying to smash them around your teeth.

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