The gym is for working out. Target is for relaxing. Not the other way around.

Sia Cooper is a personal trainer, so obviously, she's in great shape and spends a part of every day working out. She posted an Instagram video of herself working out at Target...and the internet wasn't kind.

I'll be honest with you, the firs thing that crossed my mind when I saw this video was that she's BLOCKING THE AISLES. Seriously, when I'm at the New Hartford Target, I want to stroll casually, sipping my cherry ICEE and eating my popcorn, aisle by aisle. You do not want to interrupt my flow by obstructing the candle aisle so you can do some squats.

You do you, girl, but don't interfere with my unalienable right to spend 45 minutes picking out a throw pillow I may or may not purchase, or a half an hour contemplating how my life would change with just the right lamp. Seriously, it's in The Constitution.

A lot of the haters online are saying Sia is just looking for attention by bringing her fitness routine to the store, and maybe she is - I mean, look at all the press coverage she's getting. Honestly, I'm not sure what I'd think if I came across a very fit woman lunging across the frozen food section - but I don't think I'd take it personally. I think I'd be more likely to question her mental health status - but maybe that's just a CNY thing.

I get it - I'm a busy mom too. That's why I'm at Target. I'm hiding. It's the closest I can get to a spa day. Just a few minutes (hours) without the kids asking me what's for dinner, for help with their homework, and with no dog hair tumbleweeds within view. Why does girlfriend have to violate that by making her time productive with a workout?

I decided to put together my own workout at the Walmart. I'm not sure if there's a net calorie burn, but you're welcome to try it anytime.



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