Whether it's the Thigh Master or the Ab Sizer or something else, plenty of promises have been made about the ability to 'spot tone' the body. Is that even possible?

I had a chance to talk to Catrina Dibble, fitness goddess (at least I'm pretty sure that's her title) at Carbone Athletics at The Fitness Mill to get some straight talk about whether I can counter-act an order of medium french fries by focusing on 'spot toning' for my butt and abs.

Catrina puts the myth to rest. "You can't spot reduce fat," she says. "That's a myth." I guess that means good-bye to my favorite salty snack. Catrina did explain that there is still hope, though. "You can build muscle by focusing on certain areas."

Ultimately, though, Catrina says you'll have to eat healthy if you really want to reduce fat.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM
Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

Catrina Dibble is the manager and a trainer at the all new Carbone Athletics at The Fitness Mill in New York Mills. You can work with her, or any of the other amazing trainers at The Fitness Mill. For more information about The Fitness Mill, check out their website at thefitnessmillny.com.



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