Every state and area has their own special dishes, treats, and staples that make them unique. Well, now a very popular Michigan item is going to be available in many states, including New York.

If you don't know, I'm originally from Michigan. I moved out to New York in 2014 (to follow my dreams and work for the amazing station that is Lite 98.7). It was my first move out of state, so I learned pretty quickly that every area is alike... But completely different at the same time.

A big part of that is the food we're all used to. I had to learn about chicken riggies, pusties, half moon cookies, Utica greens, and treats like that. On the flip side, I had to get used to NOT having treats I was used to like Vernon's, Faygo, Superman ice cream, and the big one - Better Made Chips.

I grew up on those chips. It's a Michigan favorite. And every time I'm back in Michigan, or my family comes to visit, I get my fix of those delicious potato chips.

But now, it looks like Better Made Chips are going to be available in New York. According to WXYZ Channel 7,

The company says that the increase in distribution states is due to smaller distributors who specialize in niche brands based on requests from former Michiganders now living out of state.

That means people like me, who now live out of the state but still want to enjoy the snack, will be able to. It also makes me excited to share this treat with my new friends and family here in New York. It's just another way we're all getting more and more connected (and at least this way isn't surrounded by social media).

After a quick check of the Better Made Snack Food's website, it doesn't look like there's any stores selling their products in the Utica/Rome area yet, but I'll be sure to keep checking back and keep you posted when more information becomes available. And that's not just for my own benefit, I would LOVE for you to give Better Made Chips a try. I think you'll love them! And they don't just have a variety of chip flavors, they also carry pork rinds, popcorn, party mix, and other goodies.




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