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5 'New' Sweet Flavors From Pringles - Limited Edition
There are seemingly an unlimited amount of flavors of potato chips. Potato crisp maker Pringles has tried all sorts of flavors and hit a home run with some. This time, they're attempting to make your dessert table. Nice and sweet just like the holidays. They're only available for a limited…
New Chip Flavors
I saw this photo floating around on Facebook and was floored.  I had no idea there were crazy new potato chip flavors coming.
The 5 Best Potato Chip Flavors You’ve Never Eaten
Today is National Potato Chip Day. Strolling down the chip isle at your supermarket, you might think their selection runs the gamut of potato chip flavors (bar-b-que, salt & vinegar, sour cream & onion), but you'd be surprised by these 5 potato chip flavors that have never shown…

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