Cash her on Snapchat, how bout dat?

Bhad Bhabie (you might otherwise know her as Danielle Bregoli or that foul-mouthed teen who shouted down a Dr. Phil audience), is getting her very own reality TV showTMZ has reported. The rapper has reportedly signed on to film a 12-episode docuseries for the social media channel — on which she's already especially popular — and it'll be called "Bringing Up Bhabie."

The show will "focus on her personal life and music career," according to the site and shooting begins this month. The finished product is expected to roll out later this year.

In February, Bregoli told PopCrush that she's certainly evolved from the recalcitrant teenager you might have seen on Dr. Phil, so don't expect her to start spouting off that famous catchphrase (yes, that catchphrase) on her new production.

"Oh, I am a completely different person from then. I've definitely evolved since then, yes," she said.

What you can expect, though, is unfiltered Bhad Bhabie, through and through.

"Okay, so most of the people are just like each other, right? Me, on the other hand, I am not like none of these people who are doing that," she said. "Some people will like... Okay, they see one person doing something then they will start doing it too and it might get them somewhere, it might make them like a star a little bit. But it's just gonna end up stopping because they are going in the same direction over and over again and just copying some other people."

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