As summer draws to a close, so does another season of ‘Big Brother.’ During last night’s finale, veteran Rachael squared off against newbie Porsche in a hotly contested competition for the grand prize of $500,000. So who was the ‘Big Brother 13 winner?’ (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

Jeff may find her “annoying,” Shelly may dislike the way she treated her fellow contestants, and Daniele may loathe her on a personal level, but Rachael won the prize nonetheless.

It was far from an easy win, however. Rachael overcame many challenges this season, including the ouster of her fiance Brandon on two separate occasions and more emotional breakdowns than any other contestant. She beat Porsche for the prize by only a single vote.

Runner-up Porsche receives a second place prize of $50,000 and Jeff won $25,000 as America’s favorite player for the second time.

[via AOL TV]