The first Power of Veto competition has finally been aired for Big Brother 2011. The ceremony also took place last night and we have the full recap. I apologize for not getting this up sooner; your Big Brother 13 Guru was a tad bit overwhelmed last night.

Once the show started, we see the end of the nomination day from Sunday. We learned that Keith and Porsche are up on the block, and fighting for the power of Veto. Dick was very pleased with Rachel’s choice, taking full credit. Keith feels safe despite being up due to his secret alliance of “The Regulators”. However, Porsche did not handle it very well.

She went back up to the HOH room, and started balling her eyes out to Rachel, Danielle, and Brendon. Too me, this was a bad move. It showed weakness, and started getting the veterans to second guess their choice of trying to keep her.

Finally tonight Big Brother addressed Dick’s absence. At one point Dick was called into the Diary Room, and never came back out. As he walked in everything seemed normal, he had a normal burp, and just overall attitude of how he normally is. The houseguest realized a few hours later he disappeared. No one could find him in the house. Rachel was then called into the Diary Room, and handed an envelope by Big Brother. The Envelope read as followed: “"Houseguests, due to an urgent personal matter, Dick had to leave….” This summer everyone is playing in pairs, so Big Brother awarded Danielle the first Golden Key. She’s still allowed to vote, however she is not allowed to compete in any competition until the top 10. She didn’t handle this well at first, but realized it will help her social game.

Keith took the news very well, dancing and smiling all over the house. He realized the newbie’s have more votes than the veterans do. With Dick being gone, and Danielle not allowed to compete, the newbie’s are 8 to 4. Brendon went wild after finding out Keith was celebrating; personally he handled it like a baby. He wanted to run downstairs and fight Keith. Personally grow up, you’re competing for half a million dollars. Don’t go causing a fight on the first week.

It was Veto night and the first competition finally aired. I wrote some spoilers over the weekend, but now it aired let’s talk Veto. The couples that competed this week were Jeff and Jordan, Rachel and Brendon, Keith and Porsche, and Adam was picked by Rachel as the host. Adam was dressed as a cop, and the other houseguests were dressed up as superheroes. The competition was called “Vetotropolis”. What the house guest had to do was finish putting together a wall with puzzle pieces that spelled Veto. When one of the partners ran and grabbed the puzzle pieces, the other went up. Big shocker, power players Brendan and Rachel won. Even bigger shocker was both Porsche, and Keith, threw the competition. Both parties felt like they were safe, and Big Brother played that off very comical.

Brendan and Rachel decided to not use the Veto. They left the nominations as they picked, and they are banking that the other House Guests will vote Keith out.

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Dave’s Prediction

Porsche’s game play just confuses me. Once she was put up on the block the veterans informed her she was safe, in yet she went up and cried to them. To me, this showed weakness. She was safe! Why complain? They told her flat out they want her to stay. But I guess in Big Brother, you can never trust someone. I feel Keith is more of a target, after he danced around about Dick, then once he flipped out on Kalia and Porsche for working with the others. He made himself look crazy, in front of his alliance, and in front of the rest of the newbies. I guess we will find out tonight what went down.

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