The Papa John's on New Scotland Avenue in Albany has begun accepting the online currency Bitcoin as payment for food. In honor of that, the NY Bitcoin Group, advocates for the use of Bitcoin based in Upstate New York, has organized a drive to donate pizzas to children and families at Albany Medial Center.

The Pizza Party day is slated for Friday May 22. So far 300 slices have been donated. The group hopes for enough pizza to provide for approximately 60 families at The Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center. If there are more slices donated than the hospital can handle, the NY Bitcoin Group has pledged to make additional deliveries to Albany Medial Center in the future.

One parent shared, on reddit, how important something as simple as a pizza party can be for children who need to stay at the hospital,

Thank you to all of you who are sending pizza (and love) to the kids at the Albany Med children's hospital. My 1 year old son spent 2 weeks there last fall with Kawasaki disease. They are a great bunch of doctors and nurses, shout out to Eldrid.
While we were there a group brought in a bunch of baseball hats. You wouldn't believe the effect that something small like a hat or a pizza party has on the spirt when your 6 and stuck in a bed and being poked with needles.

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