What do you do if you can't get a hold of your family or friends after a natural disaster or some other kind of emergency - Especially if they live in a different state?

After Hurricane Matthew ravaged areas of the south, through Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina there were a lot of people displaced. How do you get a hold of someone if you can't reach them on their phone? What if you can't get a message to them on Facebook? What if you don't know if they're okay or not?

It's a scary thing to think about, but it doesn't just take a hurricane to cause this kind of panic. Anytime there's an emergency, you want to be able to contact the ones you love.

Well, one man found an innovative way to get a hold of a family member...

The man was trying to contact his grandmother who lives in Florida and was in the path of Hurricane Matthew. Unfortunately, he lived in a different state and her phone wasn't working. So he came up with this genius idea - According to Pix 11,

...[he] called a Papa John’s in Florida and asked them to deliver a pizza to his grandmother — and also make sure she survived Hurricane Matthew.

That's right, he had a pizza delivery guy go to his grandmother's house, deliver a pizza, and check up on her. The man did so, and followed instructions to call the grandson back to let him know his grandmother was okay.

It seems like a crazy idea, but it worked. And it's something you can keep in mind, too. If you can't get a hold of the people you need to, send them a pizza. It may cost you $15, but it could give you the answers you need.

We really loved this man's story and his genius idea. You can read more about him and his grandmother here.




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