Douglas and Jason of Bite Bakery and Cafe have announced they're expanding to Old Forge.

If you haven't heard the news yet, this is pretty exciting. Bite Bakery and Cafe owners Douglas Jonathan Allen-Leonard and Jason Allen-Lenonard announced on Facebook that they will be buying a bakery in Old Forge. But they're not just buying some random place to add another business, this place has a special meaning from their childhood. Check out the Post from Douglas' Facebook Page:

Pretty exciting, right?! Now you can enjoy your Bite favorites while you're in the Adirondacks. We reached out to Douglas who mentioned that Wisk Baking Co. will also carry some of the traditional items from when the bakery was "Nathan's." That's sure to be a treat for anyone who remembers visiting "Nathan's."

No exact opening date has been posted yet, but it's sure to be soon. You can keep an eye on the latest news by following Wisk Baking Co. on Facebook, and by visiting: Bite Bakery and Cafe's Facebook Page.

And in the meantime, you can still enjoy all your favorites from Bite Bakery at 53 Franklin Square in Utica. 




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