We’ve seen a boatload of Black Panther trailers and TV spots, many of them teasing an intense car chase; but we won’t have to wait till the Marvel hero arrives in theaters to see it. Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, we’re getting a little tease to hold us over.

Star Chadwick Boseman dropped by The Ellen Show on Monday to chat about the new movie and share the first official clip from his solo MCU outing. The clip is just under a minute, but it shows off the high-energy car chase teased in the trailers. Boseman’s T’Challa, running at full speed, transforms into his Black Panther suit and leaps atop a car with the grace of an acrobat. That’s not just any car though, it’s a self-driving one. We get a look at his sister Shuri, played by Black Mirror‘s Letitia Wright, behind the wheel, only she’s nowhere near him, operating a holographic car from elsewhere. She also gives him some advice on his suit armor. As exciting as the clip is for the action, it’s even more thrilling to see more of Shuri, bound to be a Black Panther favorite and major character in the MCU.

Shuri plays a vital role in the new film as the brains behind Wakanda’s technology and her brother’s high-tech suit. Last year, Wright shared some more details about her character with Black Girl Nerds, describing her as someone who “wants to help push her country Wakanda forward by using technology, by working with vibranium in a way that can be able to protect them, and create weaponry.” Shuri’s tech knowledge is pretty important, especially considering Wright’s casting in Infinity War. And she likely has something to do with Bucky’s new arm upgrade too, as teased by Anthony Russo.

Black Panther hits theaters February 16.

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