Marvel officially started to seriously work on a Black Widow solo movie last week, when they hired Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and Blacklist screenwriter Jac Shaeffer to write the script. But that’s all we know about the movie, aside from Scarlett Johansson returrning to star in it. There is a chance we might get to see it as soon as 2020, though.

Buried in a Daily Mail article about Johansson’s likely massive salary for the movie, the author mentions that it’s “expected to hit theaters in 2020.” A few years ago, Marvel nabbed three 2020 release dates for a few mystery movies, one of which is going to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (probably the summer one). That leaves two dates, July 10 and November 6, for the studio to choose from for the Widow movie. It’s also likely that, if they’re still planning on it (and if he survives Infinity War) Doctor Strange 2 will also be coming that year.

Also notable in that Daily Mail piece is the subject of the piece itself: Johansson’s giant takeaway from this movie. If it happens, she’d reportedly be offered a salary of around $25 million — which could be upped to $31 million with a bonus if it does well. That’s still nowhere near Robert Downey Jr.’s $50 million salary for his Iron Man movies, but it would make Johansson the highest-paid actress in Hollywood by quite a lot.

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