Chances are when you are out trick or treating this weekend or on Monday you will see some different colored pumpkins around the neighborhood.

So what do these different colored pumpkins mean?

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There are a couple of different reasons why you might see a blue pumpkin out and about this Halloween.

BLUE PUMPKINS - If you see a child walking with a blue pumpkin candy bucket, that means the child is on the autism spectrum and they may not interact or yell "Trick or Treat" but it is ok to give them a treat. A blue pumpkin on the steps or in front of a house means that all children are welcome to come trick or treat and that the people are aware of possible children with autism and it is safe to trick or treat there.

Over the past couple of years, blue pumpkins were also a sign that the house stays with law enforcement.

TEAL PUMPKINS - If you see a child carrying a teal pumpkin candy bucket, that means that the child has a food allergy and if you are handing out something other than factory-sealed candy you may want to speak to that child's parent first. Sometimes children will carry this to show they have a peanut allergy, so if possible try to avoid giving out candy made with peanuts or peanut butter to these kids.

So this Halloween to make sure everyone is safe, be mindful of the candy buckets and the different pumpkins that you will see out and about on your trick-or-treat routes.

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