The video here is the culmination of a story we told you about recently, where we speculated that one of our co-workers was attempting to kill us. A box of Pillsbury Blue Raspberry Cookie mix mix was left in the office kitchen. It was well past its expiration date.

We took matters into our own hands and also took a risk by bringing the box home and baking the tainted cookies. Then, we served 'em up to our co-workers and conducted a little experiment: How many people would actually TRY the cookies? What did our work buddies think of them? Did anyone die?

Our strategy was the same as our co-worker who just left the box of cookie mix in the company kitchen; we just left the plate of cookies on the same table and watched what happened.

Without ruining the payoff in the latest episode of Beth & Dave Try, suffice it to say that cookies were eaten, opinions were shared, and no one died. At least not yet.


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