Okay, remember a few weeks ago when we posted about the leftover Valentines chocolates someone left in the office kitchen? It had the appearance of a good deed, but it was really the dregs of the box that nobody wanted. Now, someone has upped their game.

This week in the office kitchen, someone left a box of Pillsbury Blue Raspberry Premium Cookie Mix. Now, two things about this box. First, who eats blue raspberry cookies? Blue raspberry's a pretty good slurpee or slushie flavor. But, cookies? No.

Second, check out the expiration date in the upper right corner of the close-up shot I took. July 15, 2017. I guess if the cookies come out blue, in this case, you'd have no way of knowing whether it's normal...or MOLD.

So, it's obvious someone at the office is trying to kill us. I'm going to take this as a challenge and turn it right around. Over the weekend, I'm taking this Pillsbury Blue Raspberry Premium Cookie Mix home. I'm gonna bake it up, slather 'em with some nice Premium icing, and leave 'em in the office kitchen sitting on a nice Premium platter, with a nice Premium doily...and see who bites.

It'll be our next edition of Beth & Dave Try (to Kill You).

Two questions: 1. Should I put a warning note next to it with a copy of this blog? 2. Is anyone at YOUR office trying to kill you?


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