In case you weren't able to attend yesterday's Boilermaker 15K, or watch it on TV, we have time lapse video coverage for you to check out.

It was perfect running weather for Boilermaker 2016. It wasn't too hot, and a misty rain helped to keep participants cool throughout.

Thanks to the thousands of volunteers who helped to make the event a huge success. It was so awesome to see, hear, and experience such amazing community spirit. The cheering and rooting from the sideline made it a whole lot easier for runners to finish. Thank you for the popsicles, the ice, the water, the orange slices, and the moral support.

If you've never attended the Boilermaker, either as a runner or a volunteer, try and make a point of getting out there next year. You'll see first hand, why thousands of people agree, that this is "America's Best Road Race."


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