It looks like Borgore got a little help from Miley Cyrus on his single “Decisions.” The track, which was released two months ago by the DJ, features a female vocalist, and Cyrus tweeted on Aug. 20 that she was the voice you heard — a move, according to RollingStone, that caught the DJ “off guard.”

“I had no idea she was gonna do it, but I’m happy that Miley likes surprises more than I do. There was nothing to hide from my side, nor from her side. It’s super cool she did it the way she did it,” said Borgore, who kept quiet about Cyrus’ involvement on the track to give it “a fair shake.”

“Welcome to Borgore and Miley’s social experiment,” he said to the mag. “What we were trying to do is make a tune together that we’re super happy about and just see people’s real opinion about this.” And anyone who doesn’t like the song now, because they know Cyrus is on it, is “lying to himself.”

The two will join back together in September when they begin filming a video for the track, and he’s even expressed interest in working with Cyrus again. ”I wouldn’t say no to working with Miley, ’cause I think she’s a great singer. I already proved she’s great for what I do, and if she fits in one of my next tunes and she will want to be part of it, I’ll be happy,” he said.

Listen to Borgore’s ‘Decisions’ Feat. Miley Cyrus

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