BraveStarr was a Western cartoon series that originally ran from September 87 to February 88. What a coincidence, it was developed at the same time that a collection of action figures hit the stores. BraveStarr was produced by Filmation and a spin-off series (originally called "Quest of the Prairie People") was in production along with "Bugzburg" when the studios closed down.


Here is part one the show, Strength of the Bear.

Back to the action figures that every little boy just had to have. Each toy had a unique action feature and was packaged with super power nuggets. Marshall BraveStarr and Tex Hex were also packaged with a Laser Fire Backpack which shot infra-red beams and had "space-age" sound effects. Such backpacks were individually available — blue for heroes and black for villains. So cool for us kids at the time.