October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   It seems everyone has been touched by breast cancer.  A family member, co-worker, a friend, or even yourself.  My friend Kathy is a breast cancer survivor.  She shares her advice on preventing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Bloomingdale's

My friend Kathy is a breast cancer survivor.  I asked her what advice she'd give to others about breast cancer.  She thought for a moment and said "Know your risk.  Nobody knows your body like you do.  If something doesn't seem right, get it checked out.  Get your mammograms every year or whatever your doctor recommends."

Good advice.  By the way, Kathy did everything right before being diagnosed and yet she still got breast cancer.  Her doctor calls her a miracle.  She doesn't think she is.  I do.  You'd never know she'd been sick.  Kathy worked every day during her battle with cancer.  She, like so many others, is a fighter and a survivor in this battle against breast cancer.

Please tell the women in your life to get their mammograms, know their risks for breast cancer, maintain a healthy lifestyle and see if a doctor is something isn't right.    Together we can beat this thing.  Just like Kathy did.


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