Tammy Mondrick can cross driving in a demolition derby off her bucket list. The Lee Center woman always wanted to take part and after surviving breast cancer, she decided to stop wishing and start doing.

Mondrick and ‘Titziana,’ her pink 44DD derby car, complete with sparkled bra, took part in the Boonville Oneida County fair demo derby. Her goal was not be the first knocked out and she wasn't. Mondrick also didn't want anyone to take it easy on her because she’s had cancer. “I just want to be treated like everyone else in the derby.”

No one took it easy. Titziana was hit from all side. "They ganged up on me at first," says Mondrick.

Mondrick may have not won the demo derby but she raised a lot of money for the American Cancer Society by selling hands that were placed on the car. And Titziana did pick up 2nd place for Best in Show.

What will Mondrick cross off her bucket list next?

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