Picture this scenario: you're a mom who has just given birth to a new baby. You and your family have decided that breast feeding your child is the ideal choice for your lifestyle. Then, you receive notice that you have been selected for jury duty. This is something that happens to countless mothers across the state, causing stress and potentially causing a hardship for the family and the mother.

However, Governor Cuomo wants to eliminate the stress new moms may encounter from being summoned for the civic duty. He signed the piece of legislation providing the option of exemption for breast feeding moms in the state.

While jury service is a critically important civic duty, we also know new moms oftentimes juggle countless responsibilities and navigate enormous adjustments in the early stages of their child's life. This commonsense measure takes that reality into account by providing new moms the flexibility and option to postpone jury service while they care for a newborn.

To postpone jury duty, the applicant must submit a note from a physician with her postponement application to verify she is breastfeeding. The service must not have already been postponed or excused.

“Nursing mothers have extraordinary commitments and this new law will remove one extra source of stress for them,” said Sen. Velmanette Montgomery, one of whom sponsored the bill. “I thank Governor Cuomo for signing this bill so we can provide some real relief to breast feeding moms by allowing them to postpone jury duty.”

The provision takes effect immediately and the exemption can last up to two years.

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