Some people know it all too well: the feeling of your home being a constant mess. Between laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and messes from the kids - it's definitely something that can be overwhelming to take care of when you're the only one contributing. Cleaning the home should be a universal responsibility for everyone living there, right?

That's why one mom went on strike. What would happen if you did the same thing?

According to Simplemost, Twitter user Miss Potkin started her experiment on March 15 of not cleaning her house. She was proving a point, keeping count of how long it took members of her family to clean or do anything themselves.

At the start of the experiment, she promised herself that she would not cave in, not give in, to how disgusting her house looked. She was leaving it up to everyone else who lived with her to own up to some responsibility.

This mom stopped doing it all: no more dishes. no more laundry. no more cleaning. All to prove a point that she is the only one who ever takes care of anything and that the others in her household should contribute. (Can I get an amen?!)

Members of her family left food in the pots/pans/dishes, left laundry in piles everywhere around the house, and couldn't even be bothered to replace the toilet paper roll. I don't know about you, but this feeling shows up very often in our household.

You truly have to have a lot to put yourself through this to prove a point. I would do this with my family 100% - but my issue is that I would probably cave in and clean everything myself. Waiting would require me to step outside my comfort zone. I'm a firm believer in "everyone should contribute equally to household chores" but I am also the person who cleans when they are stressed/angry, so it would not go over that great for me.

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What about you? Would you go through the same lengths to prove a point about something? Let us know inside our station app,

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