Growing up my Mom always made sure I had lunch at school. Whether it was the 85 cents for lunch at school, or she packed my Cheese Sandwich with mustard, I always had a lunch. However, sending your kid to school with a brown bag lunch may now be considered a dangerous tradition.

Brown Bag

According to a new study, many school lunches packed at home may reach unsafe temperatures by the time a child eats, and can cause foodborne illnesses, which are particularly rough for preschool-aged kids.

Researchers at the University of Texas found that more than 90 percent of lunches were at an unacceptable temperature at lunchtime. This was even true when lunches were packed in an insulated container with ice packs.

The researchers suggest parents pack food for their children that aren't so dependent on being kept at a proper temperature, like fruit or peanut butter. All the lunches your kids can't trade for snack packs!

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