Looking to sit down and have dinner with one of the biggest rock stars of all time? You can eat dinner with Bruce Springsteen for a small price of $300,000. Think about it: Springsteen has influenced music of country, and rock and roll for many years. The dinner would be amazing, but pricey. 

Springsteen participated in a charity auction called "Stand Up For Heroes" in New York City. Proceeds from this event benefit military service members and their families after they return home. That's how the lasagna dinner at the Bosses house came into play. Bruce offered this up as a charity item for people to bid on.

The winning bid was a cool $300,000. Springsteen raised an additional $300,000 by auctioning off two of his guitars and also entertained the audience in attendance with a five-song acoustic performance."

No word if the lasagna is from a secret family recipe, or if Garfield will be there to eat too.