There continues to be an influx of new restaurants to the Utica area. Is a Buffalo Wild Wings next?

WKTV recently reported that a Buffalo Wild Wings, as well as Texas Road House and Tilted Kilt are coming to the area.

The Buffalo Wild Wings is the one that interests me the most. I've been going to BW3 (an old nickname for the chain) for nearly 20 years ever since my days at Central Michigan University.

My order? It's the same every time: naked tenders and a side salad. Andrea and I split a basket of buffalo chips with cheese.

The chain was founded in Ohio by a pair who loved the flavor of Buffalo wings. The original focus of 'BW3' was Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck. But the weck, that salty Western New York bread, has been phased out of the menu.

If they open in Utica and you go, enjoy - but just don't make the mistake I have and call them 'BW3;' I was scolded by a greeter at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Bloomington, Illinois once for the slight!

In all sincerity - I can't wait for the chain to open a Utica location. I've been waiting on them for the nine years I've lived here and wondered why the chain could have locations (and I've visited all of these in New York State) in Syracuse, Clifton Park, Ithaca, White Plains, Palisades Park Mall in Rockand County, Watertown and Elmira but not in Utica.

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