Recently an article popped up online from that lists the 11 best places to get chicken wings in New York State. The list is pretty good, but there's one problem....They left out the Utica-Rome area completely.

Now it is a pretty well-known fact that the chicken wing as we know it was invented at Anchor Bar in Buffalo - hence the name 'Buffalo wings,' so of course there will be a few places in Buffalo to get great wings.

The problem is that the list literally gives us a place to get wings in every part of the state EXCEPT FOR UTICA!

So in response, here are just a few places in Central New York (in no particular order) to get wings that are just as good(better) as anywhere else in New York State.

1. Killabrew Saloon - New Hartford, NY

11 different sauce choices to choose from and of course their famous 'Everything Sauce.' Killabrew has repeatedly been voted best wings in Utica.

2. Slice - Utica, NY

Slice features their famous grilled 'Purple Cow' wings that were made popular by owner Tucker Rosemyer's recipe from the restaurant's origins in Frankfort, NY.

Big juicy wings with great sauces like Garlic Parmesan and Sweet Thai Teriyaki.

Lombardo's wings are Archie's personal favorite! Always crispy, always hot and always drowning in their fantastic wing sauces like Cowboy, Honey Mustard and many great others.

As you can see this is just the beginning of a very long list of fantastic places to get wings in Central New York. Maybe the author of the original article has never been to Utica?

We're not sure if that is an acceptable excuse, because Utica & Utica Chicken Wings Rock!

What do you think? Let us know how many other great places in the area you can get wings that are just as good(better) as in Buffalo.

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