The first thing you think of when someone says 'tacos' is probably not Burger King - but maybe it should be.

It doesn't seem like the most logical connection - but Burger Kings across the country, including Central New York have started selling crunchy tacos. They're just a dollar and they're available for a limited time only. What?

It makes a LITTLE more sense when you realize that Burger King's parent company, YUM! Brands, also owns Taco Bell - so they know a little about tacos. Maybe there was just a big excess of crunchy taco shells they need to get rid of. It's even more logical when you hear that sales grew by 5% in the first quarter for Burger King while they were testing the tacos.

So, what's next? McTacos? Taco King? Taco Bell selling chicken nuggets? If you try one of these - give us your review at

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