Did you know that Mexican food is the second most popular cuisine in America? Where can you find the top Mexican food in New York State?

According to research, this cuisine had an average of 1.22 million searches per month. This year, on a list of the 50 most popular foods in America published by Reader’s Digest, 11 items were Mexican or Mexican-adjacent. 24/7 Tempo decided to take a look at the top Mexican restaurants all across America. The best of the best for each state.

Who did they pick for New York State?

24/7 Tempo consulted reviews and ratings from all over America. Who was the winner for New York State? You'll need to take a trip down to Queens:

New York: Casa Enrique
Location: Queens
Yelp rating: 4.2"

This small Mexican restaurant in Queens currently has a Michelin star. They have many of the items on the menu will look familiar- guacamole, chicken tacos, chile relleno, carne asada, and more. Everything is prepared with skill to cook:

According to another, “If you ever traveled to Mexico and tasted the local food there, you will know that [what] you eat in the States is not even close; but then there is Casa Enrique.” Don’t miss the chorizo sopecitos (thick homemade corn tortillas)."

Casa Enrique opened its doors on March 15th 2012. In September 2014, Casa Enrique was awarded its first ever Michelin star.

“We are very proud to serve our family’s recipes to our friends and customers and share a taste of home with them”. Casa Enrique continues this same tradition till this day, while being awarded another 6 Michelin stars in as many years.

You can find them at 5-48 49th Avenue, Queens.

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