Ok., most of us have been there.  At some point, you had a beloved cat, dog, or maybe it was a goldfish, who passed away. I am sorry for your loss, I know that it is tough to lose a four-legged family member (or two-finned). So what did you do? Did you hold a remembrance service to them in the backyard? Before settling them to 'rest for eternity' in the back yard that they loved so much?

As we learned last summer, if you are selling your house in New York State, you do not need to tell the new owner or disclose in the listing that you believe the house to be haunted, but what about outside? Do you need to let someone know that if they dig a little too deep near the big Elm in the back that they just might find something unexpected?

Legally, no, you don't have to let the new owners know. Now, you might need to disclose your loss, if you at some point are asked to explain the elaborate rock markers, altar or shrine that you may or may not have erected in the backyard.

Did you have your pet cremated? You can save their ashes and then ask the funeral home to have them buried in your casket with you. That is an option. That way your pets will continue to be with you 'for eternity.' For more information about including your pets remains with you after you pass, click here. 

As a fellow pet owner, I know that where to have your pets lay to rest is not something that you think about lightly. Again, I am sorry for your loss, but would love to share your memories of your little buddy, as those will live forever.

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