With the winter weather here, its time to start thinking about vacations and getting away from Central New York for a while, but some international laws could get you into trouble if you're not aware of them.

1. Feeding Pigeons in Venice, Italy

Venice has a huge pigeon problem, and they actually refer to them as 'trash birds.' So to keep the birds from being annoying to tourists and covering everything with bird droppings, the city has made it illegal to feed them. If caught you could be ordered to pay fines.

2. Gambling in India

The entire country of India has a strict no-gambling policy. Tourists and locals can still play cards and games, but gambling on them could land you in jail.

3. Importing Bibles to The Maldives

Islam is the only religion allowed in The Maldives and even bringing a bible to this tropical paradise could mean jail time.

4. Mooning People in Greece

Mooning may be a funny prank here in the States, but the Greeks don't think so. Dropping your pants and brandishing your derriere could mean heavy fines or even jail time.

5. Smoking Marijuana in Jamaica

This one could surprise many people. Jamaica may seem like ground zero for pot smokers, but it is actually illegal. Small amounts have recently been decriminalized, but it is still illegal for tourists and local to buy or possess it.

6. Topless Sunbathing in Fiji

You would think that one of the most tropical places in the world would allow you to bare it all on the beach, but if you don't have a proper bathing suit you could wind up in jail.

There you have it, if you find yourself heading to any of these beautiful locales soon, remember the rules and avoid an unpleasant vacation situation.