Do you love the utterly, completely unrelated films Call Me By Your Name and Twins, the 1988 buddy comedy that presupposed that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito were twins separated at birth? Then this mashup is just for you.

Funny or Die have come out with another hit, folks, and this one features a sweaty Ahnold doubling as Armie Hammer’s character Oliver, and Danny DeVito as Elio. I’m sure Timothee Chalamet is flattered.

The mashup works bizarrely well, down to the outdated outfits and the touching things Schwarzenegger and DeVito say to each other. “As long as I’m with you, I won’t let anyone harm you” isn’t a line from Call Me By Your Name?? You’re kidding me. Even their dance number works in this. Though the peach scene is, uh, slightly less comfortable to watch here.

If anything, this mashup looks like it has a way happier ending than Call Me By Your Name does, probably because there wasn’t a scene in Twins where Danny DeVito stares tearfully into a roaring fireplace. Hey, Call Me By Your Name is getting a sequel, though. Maybe Luca Guadagnino could take some inspiration from this.

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