Rivers, lakes and streams are overflowing from the heavy rains in central New York. It's so bad a camp was seen floating down West Canada Creek.

The camp sat on property owned by Richard Goodney in Poland on Route 28 between Gravesville and Beecher Road. The owners weren't there at the time. "Luckily the owners just headed south for the winter," said his son Skyler.

The main concern now is where the camp is headed. "I'm worried about the bridge that connects 28 and 8 next to Poland Havers. Once the camp hits that bridge it could be bad," says Daniel Goodney.

Jessica Johnson Rowland captured the camp floating by her home that is also surrounded by water.

Several roads and bridges are washed out throughout central New York. Emergency crews were busy rescuing stranded residents from homes. 2 women even had to be saved after sitting in a water filled SUV for an hour.

Residents in Frankfort, Whitesboro and Dolgeville were evacuated and the Red Cross set up shelters to give everyone a safe place to go.

A Flood Watch and High Wind Warning are in effect throughout central New York.

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