When in high school through the high school radio station we promoted a concert and raised $1000 for the football teams uniforms. That's when I learned the power of getting the word out. The crew at Tim's Pumpkin Patch near Syracuse think that the power of social media can help find a woman who lost a keychain at their farm on Rose Hill Road in Marietta, nearly 10 years ago.

Well, the keychain has been found and turned in. Unfortunately the staff has no contact information about the woman who lost it.

On the facebook page of Tim's Pumpkin Patch it reads:

"She didn't tell me the significance of the keychain... but on it is one engraved word, it says DAD."

Come on Central New York, we can do this. Tweet this story, share it on your facebook page and soon this woman's cherished possession will be returned.

[Tim's Pumpkin Patch]