This is not what Lynyrd Skynyrd had in mind when they sang "Oo-oooh, that smell."

But, apparently, flatulence can be dangerous or even deadly during a pandemic. Three different doctors have weighed in officially on the question "Can you get Coronoavirus from a fart?" According to a piece in The New York Post, science suggests it's possible.

In a recent episode of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Coronacast” podcast,  an Aussie doctor named Norman Swan proclaimed: “No bare-bottom farting,” albeit he did use a somewhat lighthearted tone.

Meanwhile, another Aussie physician, Dr. Andy Tagg, pondered the question on his Twitter feed, determined that he needed to "get to the bottom of it,” and concluded it's possible to transmit the virus in a fart. Although, he allowed there's not much research on that right now.

The New York Post added:

That’s all backed up by Dr. Aaron E. Glatt, a Mount Sinai South Nassau epidemiologist and professor of medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

So, keeping score, that's three out of three leading doctors who all agree: your gas can be lethal. And we're not just talking about That Smell.

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