Monday, January 29th is National Puzzle Day, created in 2002 by a syndicated newspaper puzzle maker. The day honors and celebrates all types of puzzles--jigsaw, crossword, Sudoku, trivia, whatever.

There are a number of jigsaws featuring Central New York names, scenes, and icons. Here's the eBay page with the puzzle of the beautiful White Mountain lake scene with the twin Adirondack chairs pictured above. We found a lot more local ones we recognized...

Credit: robothands via ebay

The 1,000-piece puzzle above was inspired by the work of famous artist Harry Wysocki. Here's the link to the eBay page with this puzzle. The puzzle below celebrates the Utica Walk geographic region of Breezy Point in Queens.

Credit: via cafepress

Here's the link to the CafePress page with the Utica Walk puzzle above. The company responsible for manufacturing creative products featuring street names is

Cooperstown has a rich history and a ton of natural beauty, some of it captured in this jigsaw puzzle available on eBay:

Credit: kim_pat via

Here's to all puzzlers (jigsawers?) on National Puzzle Day. Good luck exercising your brain and staying in tip-top mental shape. And one more thing: #PuzzleLocal.