A Canastota man is looking for the heroes that helped save the lives of he and his girlfriend on Oneida Lake this weekend.

Michael Williams is looking for two men who he says saved his life and his girlfriend's when they were thrown from the jet ski.

Here's what happened during the scary incident, in Michael's words:

It was the second time I've ever went on these Jet skis that my friend bought." Michael explains that they were thrown from the jet ski. "My shoulder dislocated, and my vest wasn't tight. I kept going under. Swallowing mad water. The jet ski still had key in it spinning away...I couldn't catch it."

Michael says he and his girlfriend were getting tired, treading water, trying to stay afloat. "Miraculously these men on an old boat were night fishing and saw us and came over after about an hour of screaming. I was about to give up to be honest. They pulled me up and and her...and turned jet ski off and saved the day."

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Michael says he must repay the men for saving their lives. Michael says he thinks one of the men's last name is Kelly.

If you think you know who these men are, please reach out to Michael on Facebook, or contact us at beth@lite987.com.


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