The Rome Capitol Theatre, will soon re-open the historic theater to the public after major renovations.

The theatre plans to re-open on Saturday July17th. According to the Rome Sentinel, the interior restoration is expected to be mostly completed by that date. These renovations have been working hard bringing back the appearance of the Capitol after its extensive 1939 renovation.

Components of the project include custom-made carpeting that is an exact replica of the carpet ordered in 1939, interior paint, finishes and plaster restoration, new seats in the orchestra section — which in 1939, consisted of the original 1928 style seats completely painted and re-upholstered — and a new roof and associated projects.

Hopefully by fall time, restoration of the Capitol exterior façade will take place to take it back to its 1928 appearance. This will include a replica of the original marquee and blade sign. Because of delays in construction and in the procurement of materials, that's why the façade restoration is not expected to be completed until fall.

“The grand re-opening on July 17 will begin at 6:30 p.m. and include a re-creation of a film show that played at the theater the week after its 1939 renovation, with the feature film, “Golden Boy."

Other shows in July will include dance performances by the O’Neill Studio of Dance and Comedy Central NY’s Suburban Dads of Comedy Tour. Also back this year is the Capitolfest dealers room, featuring films, DVDs, laser discs, autographs, posters, books, and other memorabilia, which will be open throughout the weekend. More information about the July 17 events will be announced soon, and updates can be found online.

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