A copy of a renowned statue from ancient Rome has a modern home in Rome, New York. Have you ever seen the Capitoline Wolf roaming Rome?

The statue replica was a gift to Rome, New York from the people of Rome, Italy. Similar replicas are also in Rome, Georgia and Cincinnati which hosted a large Sons of Italy convention.

A plaque in front of the statue reads:

This symbol of the Eternal City, a gift to the city of Rome, New York is a token of the esteem held by Italian friends in Italy for the American people.

The original Capitoline Wolf statue was cast around 1000-1200 AD and depicts the myth of a she-wolf who cared for Romulus and Remus the brothers who according to myth and tradition founded Rome.

The statue is currently tucked away on the grounds of The Beeches because is proved too controversial for some modern-day Romans because of its 'pagan' origin and depiction of 'bestiality' as some commented when the Observer-Dispatch recently did an article on the history of the statue.

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