If you or someone you know is looking for a job, and can make a good pizza pie, there's a restaurant in New Hartford that's looking for you.

We love to give you the latest "heads up" and announcements when we find that businesses and organizations in the area have job openings. Hey, you never know when you're going to be down on your luck, looking for that next job, and just need that opportunity. So we love being able to pass that message along - Hopefully it will help someone in the community, and get that business the help they're looking for.

This job posting was actually found on a sign outside of a restaurant in New Hartford. It looks like Carmella's Cafe is looking for someone who can make pizza. The sign says they're looking for someone with experience, so if you know someone who has worked in a pizzeria before or at a restaurant making pizza (or maybe this person is you), you can get more information and apply inside Carmella's Cafe.

If you can make a good pizza, why wouldn't you want to work for an award-winning business?! In case you didn't hear the news, this eatery won in the Utica Observer Dispatch's "Best of the Best" program. But you can learn more about that when you stop by the restaurant for yourself.

If you're not an experienced pizza-maker, don't worry. We'll be keeping an eye out for other job postings that we see throughout the community. Actually, more job openings have been announced for the new Tractor Supply Distribution Center in Frankfort. You can get more details on those jobs at the link below:




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