Carrie Underwood isn't ready for the pitter patter of little feet anytime soon.  She recently revealed to Marie Claire magazine why she's not ready for motherhood just yet.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Underwood, who's thirty, explains that while she thinks of herself as mature, she's not at the point yet where she feels she can be responsible for another human being.  She admits to the magazine that despite having older siblings, she's got the only child syndrome.

I'm a little more selfish, a little more independent, a little closed.  I do wish I were softer.  I wish I were able to form relationships better.  But hey, I mean...I'm not a sociopath.


Underwood also shared  an interesting story from high school.  In her yearbook, she was asked to describe where she'd be in ten years.  She said she would be rich, famous and married to a hot guy.   All those things have come true for her and she joked she should have asked for more.  Underwood and her hockey player husband Mike Fisher have been married for almost three years.